Barakisu Sumara

Barakisu's Story

Barakisu Sumara

A former slum dweller who trained though the project has achieved the outstanding accomplishment of studying at university on a full scholarship. Her name is Barakisu Sumara.

Growing up as the eldest of four siblings with no idea of the whereabouts of her father, a lot was expected of Barikisu. Her mother could barely support the family, so Barikisu had to help her sell charcoal to look after her siblings.

Her mother heard of SISS and asked her to register her younger sister, but when Barikisu realized the training was free she decided to enroll herself as well.

During the interview process, it became clear that Barikisu was highly motivated. Her eagerness to learn was born of a desire to be independent (financially and otherwise). SISS advised her to do catering because this was the easiest means to raise money. She was also an exceptional learner. The intern described her as "a promising student who has the traits of a successful person, and there must be aid to get her to school"

The project provided her with sufficient fiscal aid for her to start preparing pastries to sell together with her younger sister. She sold enough pastries to buy a university application form which SISS helped her complete. In August 2011 she was awarded a scholarship and accepted for undergraduate study at Ashesi University, Ghana. She is currently studying for a business degree.