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Our Team

African Outreach Team - Laura Hales (Chairperson) Laura Hales (Chair)
Laura heads a policy team for a UK transport agency. Her background is in mitigating the effects of climate change whilst promoting social justice. She has delivered carbon reduction projects in the UK and researched slum climate change in Ghana.
African Outreach Team -Alex Lipinski (Director) Alex Lipinski (Director)
Alex has 25 years’ experience of leading teams and projects in South Africa, Mozambique, Ghana and the UK. He has worked for NGOs, at the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford, and UNDP Mozambique, where he was programme manager of United Nations Volunteer. In South Africa he helped to pioneer community-based township approaches to IT training.
African Outreach Team -Nick Wolff (Treasurer) Nick Wolff (Treasurer)
Nick works in economic development in the UK linking the economic needs of low-income communities with urban transformation. He has 20 years’ experience managing programme budgets with government, charity and private sector funders.
African Outreach Team -Gordon Mole (Company Secretary) Gordon Mole (Trustee)
Gordon is the founding vice-chair of LA Connects, the London social enterprise forum. He has undertaken research in Ghana and helped to establish a voluntary project in Mumbai, Thalia, working with children from slum and street communities.
African Outreach Team -Dennis Sangweme (Trustee) Dennis Sangweme (Trustee)
Dennis is a town planner. He was the recipient of a Royal Netherlands study fellowship and has 17 years experience of the NGO sector, delivering services in overcrowded high density areas and promoting slum upgrading strategies. Currently Dennis is collaborating on regeneration initiatives in Mutate, Zimbabwe.
African Outreach Team -Dan Taylor (Trustee) Dan Taylor (Trustee)
Dan is a town planner who has won awards delivering urban regeneration projects to disadvantaged communities in the UK. He previously worked in the NGO and private sector.

Our Team

African Outreach Team -Grace O Donnell (Project Assistant) Grace O Donnell (Project Assistant)
Grace is a social science graduate from the University of Edinburgh. She has volunteered in a project with slum children in Via Maria in Peru, and participated in environmental justice campaigns with People & Planet in Scotland and the Lickey Concern Group in Ireland.


African Outreach Team -Rebecca Lancaster Rebecca Lancaster
Rebecca is a fundraiser with a large national charity, working with individual donors and in event-management. She has a postgraduate qualification in Conflict and Development and has experience of working in developing countries.